It’s meaningful to wait for NBA 2K17 mode

Kevin Durant

FanSided reported that, L.A. Lakers, Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards expressed interest for Kevin Durant. The Wizards have hired former coach of Durant Scott Brooks to entice Kevin to sign with them. Whereas, Durant’s decision depends on how far Oklahoma City Thunder progress in the playoffs, ironically against the Spurs. While OKC loses to San Antonio, Kevin Durant may look for teams more able of helping him get his first NBA champion.

According to NBC Sports, Dwayne Wade will have to accept smaller pay if Kevin Durant considers moving to Miami or Hassan Whiteside re-signs with the team. Dwayne Wade stands to lose $53 million if Miami Heat offers Kevin Durant max contract; $34 million if Hassan Whiteside max deal. At 34, Dwayne Wade is not about all money anymore, he wants to win championships and to have players around who can help him achieve that.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City Thunder currently lead Golden State Warriors in Western Conference finals, 2-1. It is almost certain Kevin Durant stays in OKC should they dethrone the reigning NBA champions. FanSided reports, Miami Heat would have to trade Goran Dragic to make room for Kevin Durant. The medical situation of Chris Bosh leaves a question mark when he will be able to return to the lineup. Kevin Durant will go to a team that has better chances of making it to NBA finals. Boston Celtics have a better support group, Golden State Warriors is a superior team while there is chance Miami Heat would lose Goran Dragic or Chris Bosh.

Breaking up the team is the most popular opinion among the fans but proves to be easier said than done. With CP3 arguably in his prime, he is not expected to suit up in a different uniform anytime soon while DeAndre Jordan has only started a year in his four-year $88 million contract.

This leaves high-flying Blake Griffin, a constant subject of rumor mills this past season, as the only asset the Clippers could offer other teams for a trade. NBA 2K17 in itself proved a great game. It only needed minor fixes especially since the servers greatly improved. The developers could still add a few more features to it like a balanced more competitive field despite presence of super teams. According to The Source, gamers of MyGM and MyLeague can now create new teams through the expansion features. This will specifically allow players to expand the leagues up to 36 teams.

Hence, NBA 2K17 gamers may choose if they want to play with the standard 30 NBA teams or add up six members into the team. The feature extension does not only offer the team expansion. Obviously, an expansion draft can “shake up the league” by forcing championship contenders to let go of valuable replacement players. That each league will expand automatically at some point should introduce an air of urgency, therefore, into each player’s attempt to win it all.

Adding a mini-game while waiting for a game in NBA 2K17 mode would be useful. With the Olympics coming up soon, they could even add Olympic teams in it as well. As for the NBA 2K17 mode, fans might want flexible goals that would adapt to the gamer’s role in the team.